"Advocacy groups and female lawmakers desperate to elect more Republican women to the House are rallying behind" pediatrician Joan Perry (R), "a pediatrician and political novice who in late April finished second among 17 candidates to advance to a July runoff with" state Rep. Greg Murphy (R). "The winner of the fall general election will succeed" the late Rep. Walter Jones (R), "the longtime congressman who died in February, in a district that solidly favors Republicans."

"The political arm of Winning for Women, WFW Action Fund, pumped slightly more than $200,000 into an independent expenditure that included TV and radio ads along with mailings on behalf of Dr. Perry in the first vote. It is likely to weigh in again with significant help before the runoff. In addition, Women Speak Out PAC, the political partner of the anti-abortion Susan B. Anthony List, spent more than $75,000 on voter contact in support of Dr. Perry."

WFW spokeswoman Olivia Perez-Cubas: “Part of why we exist is to prove that this party is bigger than a party of old white men. But to get there, we need to make sure we’re doing a better job of giving women the resources they need to win.”

"Perez-Cubas said her organization was focused on finding female candidates who are a good fit with the districts where they are running. Dr. Perry has made her staunch opposition to abortion a centerpiece of her campaign, but Winning for Women won’t apply litmus tests, Ms. Perez-Cubas said." (New York Times)

MCCARTHY ON ABORTIONS. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy "distanced himself from Alabama's new law imposing a near-total ban on abortions. McCarthy: "It goes further than I believe, yes. First of all, I believe the most precious gift God gives us is life. And I've defended my pro-life position for my whole political career. But in my whole political career, I've also believed in rape, incest, and the life of the mother as exceptions. That's exactly what Republicans have voted on in this House, that's what our platform says."

"The ACLU has already pledged to challenge the legislation, as has Planned Parenthood." (Washington Examiner)

ON THE WEB. The DCCC launched digital ads Friday thanking vulnerable members in swing districts for their vote on a bill the House passed to lower the cost of prescription drugs and health care. An example of the ad running in Rep. Andy Kim's (D-NJ 03) district can be seen here. (release)

NEW PAC. "The Health Justice for All PAC, founded by former congressional candidate and epidemiologist Eric Ding, is officially soft-launching this week. It seeks to act as a counterweight to what it sees as abuses by the pharmaceutical industry, including high prescription-drug prices, the blocking of access to generic medications, and 'corrupt' marketing practices. Advisers to the PAC include Abdul El-Sayed, the former executive director of the Detroit Health Department and a 2018 candidate for Michigan governor, and" former Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA). "One of HJFA’s main political goals is getting Democratic candidates to sign a pledge not to accept money from pharmaceutical-industry PACs, a more targeted version of End Citizens United’s effort to stigmatize all corporate PAC donations." (National Journal)

Source : https://www.nationaljournal.com/s/678883/gop-groups-eye-nc-03-special-to-grow-female-ranks