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Baton Rouge companies Venyu and CMA Technology Solutions have partnered to provide data back-up and recovery services to IBM.


Baton Rouge-based Venyu has formed a new partnership with CMA Technology Solutions (CMA) to support customers using IBM System i Power Services, the company announced Friday.

Venyu provides cloud-based virtualization, business continuity and battle-tested data recovery services. Its RestartIT service is an award-winning platform specially designed to recover data quickly that's lost because of power outage or common information technology network disruptions. Based on the Recovery Time Objective, measurement of time between an outage and the moment data becomes available, the RestartIT platform saves customers time trying to retrieve lost data, the company said in a statement.

"Data backup and recovery is the number one concern for most companies. At Venyu, our business is dedicated to alleviating these concerns -- giving customers peace-of-mind that their applications and data are always available and retrievable via the cloud regardless of their on-premise infrastructure," said Scott Thompson, Chief Executive Officer at Venyu.

Together, the two companies will form the CMA Series i technology infrastructure, a new resource placing IBM System i Power Servers within Venyu's data centers to bring RestartIT's cloud-based recovery and back-up services. All IBM legacy server users will have use of full recovery in case of a disaster, additional remote monitoring and administration use.

In addition, the new partnership will enhance Venyu's services for insurance, local and state governments universities, manufacturing and distribution, and other organizations seeking to augment in-house IBM administration,.

Also based in Baton Rouge, CMA is an IBM Premier Partner offering hardware and software that's customized to meet various business needs.

"The heritage of IBM System i goes back thirty-five years, and many businesses and public sector entities still rely on it today. But for these customers, the challenge of backup and recovery has always been difficult," said Ben Cherbonnier, founder and president of CMA Technology Solutions. "Teaming with CMA, Venyu can now provide customers with the IBM System i hardware and expertise to offer appropriate cloud back-up and remote administration."

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