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Her parents, Avis and Danny Winters, who run several Sonic Drive-in franchises, refused to believe their daughter, who had become a part-time judge in North Las Vegas, would take her own life.

She didn't leave a suicide note. There were no medication bottles in her bedroom, and there were no antifreeze bottles in the bedroom or the house, according to the arrest report. Later on the same day, Dennis speculated that maybe a previous resident left the antifreeze behind. He went to the garage and showed a detective two bottles of antifreeze and said he found them after he returned from the hospital, according to the report.

Suspecting their son-in-law, the grieving parents hired private investigators to track Dennis in the months after their daughter's death. As they pushed for law enforcement to take another look at the case, the couple also filed a lawsuit against Dennis, blaming him for their daughter's death, saying his motives were financial in nature, and seeking to recover $2 million in life insurance and inheritance money he had collected after Winters died.

“We were disappointed at the legal system, we were disappointed that the people in charge do not read evidence before them, we were disappointed that the Henderson police did not do any investigation, and the Clark County Coroner's Office just accepted what they were told by Brent,” Avis Winters said.

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